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 Markus Wagner


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Semester 2 2021

Semester 1 2021

Semester 2 2020

Semester 1 2020

Harbin Institute of Technology, China, September 2019, December 2020, July 2021

  • Course "Evolutionary Computation"

Semester 1 2019

Semester 2 2018

Semester 2 2017

Semester 2 2016

Semester 1 2016

  • Course "Object-Oriented Programming (Small Group Discovery Experience)": course website

Semester 1 2015

  • Course "Introduction to Programming for Engineers": course website
  • Course "Software Engineering Research Project": course website
  • Course "Mining Big Data": course website
  • Uni-Tech Outreach Activity to Year 12 Students, Addelaide, April 2015 click
  • Co-Coordinator of Ingenuity 2015, the university's major event to showcase innovative student projects, attracted 4,500+ attendees click

Semester 2 2014

Semester 1 2014

  • Course "Introduction to Programming": course website
  • Course "Object Oriented Programming": course website
  • Uni-Tech Outreach Activity to Year 12 Students, Addelaide, April 2014 click

Semester 2 2013

Semester 1 2013

Semester 2 2012

Semester 1 2012

  • Tutorials "Algorithm and Data Structure Analysis": forum

Semester 2 2011

Semester 1 2011

  • Tutorials "Data Structures and Algorithms": forum

Summer Term 2008

Winter Term 2005/2006

Various supervised theses

  • Lujun Weng: A Framework for Automated Measurement of Energy Consumption in Multiple Android Devices, PDF
  • Kevin Dang: Using Machine Learning Surrogates to Enable Wave Energy Converter Layout Optimisation, PDF
  • Master Software Engineering Group Project: Secure Web Application for Training and Testing Wave Energy Surrogate Functions, Chenwei Feng progress final, Mengyu Li progress final, Yuanzhong Xia progress final
  • Vidi Valianto Shaweddy: Motion Sensor Fusion for Phone Localization, PDF
  • Constantina Pyromallis: Approximating the Power Absorption of PTO Settings of Wave Energy Converters using Surrogate Models for Optimisaiton, PDF
  • Slava Shekh: Optimisation of Submerged Buoy Arrays for Improved Ocean Wave Energy Production, PDF
  • Chenglong Cui: Modeling and Profiling the Energy Consumption of Mobile Devices, PDF
  • Constantina Pyromallis: Optimising PTO Parameters for Arrays of Wave Energy Converters, PDF
  • Mahmoud Bokhari: Software Testing a Verification System, PDF