With closest family, Adelaide, Australia, October 2015
Graduation of my PhD student, Reza Bonyadi, Adelaide, Australia, September 2015
With Ben and Natalie, Warsaw, Poland, August 2015
Florence, Italy, August 2015
On Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy, August 2015
Celebrating our anniversary, Warsaw, Poland, 2nd August 2015
Ephesos, Grece, July 2015
Minos palace in Knossos, Grece, July 2015
Santorini, Grece, July 2015
Santorini, Grece, July 2015
Male part of the closest family plus "uncle" Vinh, Santorini, Grece, July 2015
On a cruise ship at the Mediterranean, July 2015
Rome, Italy, July 2015
Disneyland, France, June 2015
Founders of Complexica - moving to our new office, Adelaide, Australia, April 2015