Casting my vote for the Polish parliamentary election. In Adelaide, the final count had the centrist Civic Coalition with 135 votes, followed by PiS with 52 votes,
the Left with 23 votes, center-right Third Way with 18 votes, and the far-right Confederation with 14 votes; Adelaide, Australia, 15 October 2023
Guest lecture at University of Adelaide: "On significance of Dragon Years in a Life of a Scientist", October 2023
With Svetlana Coretchi, Adelaide, South Australia, October 2023
With Matt and Vinh, Adelaide, South Australia, September 2023
Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 2023
Rudesheim, Germany, July 2023
Miltenberg Germany, July 2023
Nuremberg, Germany July 2023
In front of the Basilica Minor St. Michael - where Georg and Maria von Trapp were married in the 1965 movie "The Sound of Music", near Salsburg, Austria, July 2023
Salzburg, Austria, July 2023
Durnstein Castle in the background - the place where Richard the Lionheart was kept prisoner for a while towards the end of the XII century, Durnstein, Austria, July 2023
Vienna, Austria, July 2023
Bratislava, Slovakia, July 2023
Budapest, Hungary, July 2023
With Pawel Nowacki, the chancellor of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Warsaw, Poland, June 2023
High school reunion (graduating class of 1969), Warsaw, Poland, June 2023
Zakopane, Poland, June 2023
Keynote talk at the 22nd Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, Zakopane, Poland, June 2023
Acquisition of Wave Systems; from left to right: Matt Michalewicz (CEO of Complexica), Zbigniew Michalewicz (Chief Scientist of Complexica),
Constantin Chiriac (Chief Software Architect of Complexica), Jon Wheeler (Managing Director of Ports and Logistics at Complexica),
Jon Drake (CFO of Complexica), Peter Pokorny (CEO and founder of Wave Systems), Hana Pokorna (Sales & Marketing Manager at Wave Systems),
Adelaide, Australia, 31 May 2023
The youngest member of our family (Arthur) gets his first car, Adelaide, Australia, 18 May 2023
Family dinner after the Grand Prix Formula 1, Melbourne, Australia, 2 April 2023
With Charles Leclerc :-), just before F1 races, Melbourne, Australia, March/April 2023
With Max Verstappen :-), just before F1 races. The race was spectacular. Melbourne, Australia, March/April 2023
With Kerry Smith, Richard Cohen, and many other Complexica people, Adelaide, Australia, March 2023
Sky-diving over my house at Semaphore Park, the jump was incredible (from 15,000 feet). The view from the ground was also fantastic. Semaphore Park, Australia, 6 January 2023
Yellow is a very pretty colour, isn't it?, Barossa Valey, Australia, January 2023