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School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Ingkarni Wardli Building
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

Telephone: +61 8 8313 5586
Facsimile: +61 8 8313 4366


  • The office numbers are room numbers at building Ingkarni Wardli (North Terrace Campus).
    The first digit is also the floor number (i.e. offices starting with 1 are on level 1, etc.)
  • The extension number for each person is for internal University callers.
    For external callers in Australia, add (08) 831. For international callers, add +61 8 831.

Academic Staff

Group Leader
4.55 34477 frank.neumann@adelaide.edu.au

Artificial Intelligence, Bio-inspired Computing, Optimization, Renewable Energy, Supply Chain Management

Associate Professor and Leader of the Defence, Cyber and Space theme within ECMS
5.26 36214 hung.nguyen@adelaide.edu.au

Cybersecurity, Networks

Associate Professor
4.45 35405 markus.wagner@adelaide.edu.au

Evolutionary Computation, Search-based software engineering, Renewable energy

Dr. Mingyu Guo
4.19 31893

Computational Microeconomics / Algorithmic Game Theory, Multiagent Systems, Electronic Commerce, Mechanism Design, Prediction Markets.

Dr. Denis Antipov
Postdoctoral Researcher
4.49 denis.antipov@adelaide.edu.au

Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, Theory, Runtime Analysis

Dr. Aneta Neumann
Postdoctoral Researcher
4.56 34519 aneta.neumann@adelaide.edu.au

Artificial Intelligence, Stochastic Optimization, Evolutionary Diversity Optimisation, Real-World Applications (Mininig, Heath, Defence), Computational Creativity

Dr. Long Nguyen
Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. Yue Xie
Postdoctoral Researcher
4.56 34519 yue.xie@adelaide.edu.au
Professor Emeritus Office Ext. Email
4.54 34130 zbyszek@cs.adelaide.edu.au

Evolutionary Computation, Modern Heuristics, Optimisation, Real-World Applications, Puzzle-Based Learning

Adjunct Appointments Office Ext. Email

Prof. Tobias Friedrich
Adjunct Professor
(Hasso Plattner Institute)


Postgraduate Research Students

Office Ext. Email
Mr Hirad Assimi 4.52 hirad.assimi@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. James Michael Caddy james.caddy@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Viet Anh Do 4.52 vietanh.do@adelaide.edu.au
Ms. Zahra Ghasemi zahra.ghasemi@adelaide.edu.au
Ms. Diksha Goel 5.29 diksha.goel@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Joel Kuepper joel.kuepper@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Jialiang Li 4.61 j.li@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Yogesh Pipada Sunil Kumar yogeshpipada.sunilkumar@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. The Vinh Ly thevinh.ly@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Adel Nikfarjam 4.52 adel.nikfarjam@adelaide.edu.au
Ms. Kokila Perera 4.52 kokila.perera@adelaide.edu.au
Ms. Brittany Reid 4.52 brittany.reid@adelaide.edu.au
Ms. Saba Sadeghi 4.52 saba.sadeghiahouei@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Guanhua Wang 4.61 guanhua.wang@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Wen Siang (Wesley) Tan wensiang.tan@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Derek Weber 4.52 derek.weber@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Xiankun Yan 4.52 xiankun.yan@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Zach Wang zach.wang@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Gabor (Tony) Zoltai tony.zoltai@gmail.com
Mr. Adriano Rodrigues Figueiredo Torres adriano.rodriguesfigueiredotorres@adelaide.edu.au

Former Group Members and Visitors

Dr Manuel Abello PhD student
Dr Bradley Alexander Senior Lecturer
Mr. Mahfouth Alghamdi PhD student 2017-2022
Mr. Mahmoud A. Bokhari PhD student 2016-2021
Mr. Muneer Buckley PhD student
Mr. Jareth Day PhD student, 2011-2012, continued at Microsoft Redmond
Mr Supun Jeevaka Dissanayake MPhil student 2019-2022
Prof. Tobias Friedrich Visitor, March 2011, Feb/March 2014, Feb/March 2016
Mr. Mario Fruzangohar PhD student
Prof. Pauline Haddow Visitor, July 2013 - July 2014
Mr Jirayus Jiarpakdee PhD student, 2017-2019
Dr Maryam Hasani Shoreh PhD student, 2017-2020
Dr. Mohd Faisal Ibrahim PhD student
Dr. Maksud Ibrahimov PhD student, 2008-2012
Ms. Diora Jordan PhD student, 2011-2012
Dr. Trent Kroeger Academic staff, 2010-2014
Dr Kewen Liao PhD student,
Mr. Paulo Andre Andrade Martins PhD student, 2021
Dr Samadhi Nallaperuma PhD student, 2012-2015, Postdoctoral Researcher 2015, continued as Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Sheffield and the University of Exeter
Dr Mehdi Neshat PhD student, 2016-2020
Mr Anh Nguyen PhD student, 2012-2015, continued Microsoft Redmond
Dr. Pietro Oliveto Visitor from University of Birmingham, May-June 2012, January 2013
Dr. Sergey Polyakovskiy Academic staff, 2013-2017
Dr Shayan Poursoltan PhD student, 2012-2016, continued as IT Consultant at Chamonix Consulting
Dr Vahid Roostapour PhD student, 2017-2020
Prof Thomas Runarsson Visitor, January-July 2018
Mr. Madura Shelton PhD student, 2018-2022, now with Cisco
Prof Andrew Sutton Research staff, 2011-2012
Dr. Madeleine Theile Visitor from Technical University of Berlin, March 2011
Dr Tommaso Urli Visitor from University of Udine, January - August 2012, January 2013
Dr. Junhua Wu PhD student, 2015-2018
Mr Terence Wong PhD student, 2020