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School of Computer Science
Ingkarni Wardli Building
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

Telephone: +61 8 8313 5586
Facsimile: +61 8 8313 4366


  • The office numbers are room numbers at building Ingkarni Wardli (North Terrace Campus).
    The first digit is also the floor number (i.e. offices starting with 1 are on level 1, etc.)
  • The extension number for each person is for internal University callers.
    For external callers in Australia, add (08) 831. For international callers, add +61 8 831.

Academic Staff

Group Leader
4.55 34477 frank.neumann@adelaide.edu.au

Artificial Intelligence, Bio-inspired Computing, Optimization, Renewable Energy, Supply Chain Management

Associate Professor and Leader of the Defence, Cyber and Space theme within ECMS
5.26 36214 hung.nguyen@adelaide.edu.au

Cybersecurity, Networks

Associate Professor and Postgraduate Coordinator of the School of Computer Science
4.45 35405 markus.wagner@adelaide.edu.au

Evolutionary Computation, Search-based software engineering, Renewable energy

Dr. Mingyu Guo

Computational Microeconomics / Algorithmic Game Theory, Multiagent Systems, Electronic Commerce, Mechanism Design, Prediction Markets.

Dr. Aneta Neumann
Postdoctoral Researcher
4.56 34519 aneta.neumann@adelaide.edu.au

Artificial Intelligence, Optimisation, Computational Creativity, Diversity Optimisation, Real-World Applications, Digital Art

Professor Emeritus Office Ext. Email
4.54 34130 zbyszek@cs.adelaide.edu.au

Evolutionary Computation, Modern Heuristics, Optimisation, Real-World Applications, Puzzle-Based Learning

Adjunct Appointments Office Ext. Email
Dr Mohammad Reza Bonyadi
Adjunct Associate Lecturer


Dr. Adam Ghandar
Adjunct Lecturer


Prof. Kenneth De Jong
Adjunct Professor
(George Mason University)


Prof. Tobias Friedrich
Adjunct Professor
(Hasso Plattner Institute)


Mr. Matthew Michalewicz
Visiting Research Fellow

Prof. Marc Schoenauer
Adjunct Professor
(INRIA Saclay - ile-de-France)


Postgraduate Research Students

Office Ext. Email
Mr. Mahfouth Alghamdi 4.52 mahfouth.a.alghamdi@adelaide.edu.au
Mr Hirad Assimi 4.52 hirad.assimi@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Mahmoud A. Bokhari 4.32 mahmoud.bokhari@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Supun Jeevaka Dissanayake 4.52 supun.dissanayake@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Viet Anh Do 4.52 vietanh.do@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Jirayus Jiarpakdee 4.52 jirayus.jiarpakdee@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Adel Nikfarjam 4.52 adel.nikfarjam@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Madura Shelton 4.52 madura.shelton@adelaide.edu.au
Ms. Brittany Reid 4.52 brittany.reid@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Derek Weber 4.52 derek.weber@adelaide.edu.au
Mr. Terence Wong 4.32 terence.wong@adelaide.edu.au
Ms. Yue Xie 4.52 yue.xie@adelaide.edu.au

Former Group Members and Visitors

Dr Manuel Abello PhD student
Dr Bradley Alexander Senior Lecturer
Mr. Muneer Buckley PhD student
Mr. Jareth Day PhD student, 2011-2012, now Microsoft Redmond
Prof. Tobias Friedrich Visitor, March 2011, Feb/March 2014, Feb/March 2016
Mr. Mario Fruzangohar PhD student
Prof. Pauline Haddow Visitor, July 2013 - July 2014
Dr Maryam Hasani Shoreh PhD student, 2017-2020
Mr. Mohd Faisal Ibrahim PhD student
Dr. Maksud Ibrahimov PhD student, 2008-2012
Ms. Diora Jordan PhD student, 2011-2012
Dr. Trent Kroeger Academic staff, 2010-2014
Dr Kewen Liao PhD student,
Dr Samadhi Nallaperuma PhD student, 2012-2015, Postdoctoral Researcher 2015, continued as Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Sheffield and the University of Exeter
Dr Medi Neshat PhD student, 2016-2020
Mr Anh Nguyen PhD student, 2012-2015, continued Microsoft Redmond
Dr. Pietro Oliveto Visitor from University of Birmingham, May-June 2012, January 2013
Dr. Sergey Polyakovskiy Academic staff, 2013-2017
Dr Shayan Poursoltan PhD student, 2012-2016, continued as IT Consultant at Chamonix Consulting
Dr Vahid Roostapour PhD student, 2017-2020
Prof Thomas Runarsson Visitor, January-July 2018
Dr. Andrew Sutton Research staff, 2011-2012
Dr. Madeleine Theile Visitor from Technical University of Berlin, March 2011
Dr Tommaso Urli Visitor from University of Udine, January - August 2012, January 2013
Dr. Junhua Wu PhD student, 2015-2018