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The following are the talks that have previously taken palce in 2020:
Date Title Presenter
22/01/2020 Artificial Intelligence for Fast Characterization for Semi-invasive Fault Stjepan Picek

The following are the talks that have previously taken palce in 2019:
Date Title Presenter
20/11/2019 Recent Advances in Neuroevolution - From Super Mario Level Generation to Playing Doom from Pixels Sebastian Risi
28/08/2019 An Optimization Model for Adaptive Rescheduling of Flights After Disruptions Prabhu Manyem 
21/08/2019 Analysis of Baseline Evolutionary Algorithms for the Packing While Travelling Problem Vahid Roostapour 
14/08/2019 Evolutionary Diversity Optimization Frank Neumann 
03/07/2019 A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm Framework for Optimising Power Take Off and Placements of Wave Energy Converters Bradley Alexander 
26/06/2019 Evolutionary Algorithms for the Chance-Constrained Knapsack Problem Yue Xie 
20/06/2019 A Gentle Introduction to the Time Complexity Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms Pietro Oliveto 
19/06/2019 Sexual Reproduction Can Speed Up Optimisation Pietro Oliveto 
05/06/2019 Nature-Inspired Dynamic Constrained Optimization Yaneli Ameca 
29/05/2019 On the Behaviour of Differential Evolution for Problems with Dynamic Linear Constraints Maryam H Shoreh 
20/02/2019 How to Benefit from Multimodality in Multi-Objective Optimization Pascal Kerschke 
13/02/2019 Greedy Maximization of Functions with Bounded Curvature under Partition Matroid Constraints Francesco Quinzan 

The following are the talks that have previously taken palce in 2018:
Date Title Presenter
04/12/2018 Artificial Intelligence and Cryptology Stjepan Picek
07/11/2018 Blind image/video quality assessment and optimal pacing strategies for road cycling Dietmar Saupe
24/10/2018 In-vivo and offline optimisation of energy use in the presence of small energy signals Mahmoud Bokhari
23/10/2018 Gene-pool Optimal Mixing Evolutionary Algorithms - From Foundations to Applications Peter Bosman
19/10/2018 Bayesian inference for large-scale and computationally expensive landscape evolution models Rohitash Chandra
17/10/2018 S.T. (Shafiabady-Teshnehlab) Optimization Algorithm Neusha Shafiabady
10/10/2018 Using a recurrent neural network for change prediction in dynamic constrained optimization problems Maryam H Shoreh
19/09/2018 Optimising time use for best health Dorothea Dumuid
12/09/2018 Optimal Engineering Design Using Genetic Programming Hirad Assimi
05/09/2018 Optimal Modeling and Solving Research of Facility Layout Problem Basing on MIP Yue Xie
13/06/2018 Bio-Inspired Computing for Problems with Dynamically Changing Constraints Vahid Roostapour
09/05/2018 On the Impact of Dynamic Constraint Changes for Problems with Linear Constraints Maryam H Shoreh
02/05/2018 Randomised Greedy Algorithms for Covering Problems Wanru Gao
21/02/2018 Bots, Political Bots and Damned Lies Derek Christopher Weber
14/02/2018 Challenges in Practical Surgery Scheduling Thomas Runarsson

The following are the talks that have previously taken palce in 2017:
Date Title Presenter
15/11/2017 Introduction to Quantum Computing and its Applications Mark Hanson
13/09/2017 An Impact of Repair Methods in Differential Evolution for Dynamic Constrained Optimization Problems Maryam H Shoreh
06/09/2017 Improved Runtime Analysis of RLS and (1+1) EA for the Dynamic Vertex Cover Problem Vahid Roostapour
16/08/2017 Exact Approaches for Packing While Traveling and the Traveling Thief Problem Frank Neumann
12/07/2017 Speed up Automated Mechanism Design by Sampling Worst-Case Profiles: An Application to Competitive VCG Redistribution Mechanism for Public Project Problem Mingyu Guo
05/07/2017 Evolution of Artistic Image Variants Through Feature Based Diversity Optimisation Aneta Neumann
05/07/2017 Just-in-Time Batch Scheduling Problem with Two-dimensional Bin Packing Constraints Alexander Makarowsky
28/06/2017 Deep Parameter Optimisation on Android Smartphones for Energy Minimisation - A Tale of Woe and a Proof-of-Concept Mahmoud Bokhari
14/06/2017 Reoptimization Times of Evolutionary Algorithms on Linear Functions Under Dynamic Uniform Constraints Feng Shi
01/06/2017 Features, Diversity, Random Walks and Digital Art Frank Neumann
12/05/2017 Differential Evolution to Solve Dynamic Constraint Optimization Problems Yaneli Ameca Adulcin
07/05/2017 Average-Case Analysis of Parameterized Problems Tobias Friedrich
06/05/2017 Optimal Scheduling Behavior of a Building Operator in Demand Response Aggregation Maryam H Shoreh

The following are the talks that have previously taken place in 2016:
Date Title Presenter
30/09/2016 The Evolutionary Process of Image Transition in Conjunction with Box and and Strip Mutation Aneta Neumann
19/10/2016 A Fully Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for Packing While Traveling Junhua Wu
26/10/2016 A gentle introduction to Deep Learning Chunhua Shen
14/09/2016 Parameterized Analysis of Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms and the Weighted Vertex Cover Problem Feng Shi
07/09/2016 A Feature-Based Prediction Model of Algorithm Selection for Constrained Continuous Optimisation Frank Neumann
31/08/2016 A case study of algorithm selection for the traveling thief problem Markus Wagner
24/08/2016 Local Search Heuristics for Minimum Vertex Cover Problem Wanru (Kelly) Gao
17/08/2016 On Detection of Non-Hamiltonicity via Linear Feasibility Models Asghar Moeini (Flinders University)
17/08/2016 Revenue Maximizing Markets for Zero-Day Exploits Mingyu Guo
10/08/2016 Runtime Analysis of Evolutionary Diversity Maximization for OneMinMax Frank Neumann
06/07/2016 On the Impact of the Renting Rate for the Unconstrained Nonlinear Knapsack Problem Junhua Wu
11/02/2016 Maptek mine scheduling software and its open peoblems Christie Myburgh and Simon Ratcliffe from Maptek

The following are the talks that have previously taken place in 2015:
Date Title Presenter
10/12/2015 Clustering as a Real-world Benchmarking Problem for Black-box Optimization Algorithms (room 5.56) Marcus Gallagher
09/12/2015 Engineering Features for the Analysis and Comparison Black-box Optimization Problems and Algorithms (room 5.55) Marcus Gallagher
25/11/2015 False-name-proof Mechanism Design without Money Taiki Todo
28/10/2015 Algorithms for the Maximum Agreement Forest problem Feng Shi
14/10/2015 Recognising Activities in Real Time Using Body Worn Passive Sensors With Sparse Data Streams: To Interpolate or Not To Interpolate? Asanga Wickramasinghe
07/10/2015 Managing End-Users Behaviour to Optimise A Smart Grid System: A Case Study of Electricity Supply in Regional South Australia Ashraf Zaghwan
02/09/2015 An introduction to "Modelling and optimisation of submerged buoys for improved ocean wave energy production” project Junhua Wu
26/08/2015 A Feature-Based Comparison of Evolutionary Computing Techniques for Constrained Continuous Optimisation Shayan Poursoltan
19/08/2015 Adaptive Submodularity Frank Neumann
17/06/2015 Improved Runtime Bounds for the (1+1) EA on Random 3-CNF Formulas Based on Fitness-Distance Correlation Frank Neumann
10/06/2015 Application of Computational Intelligence for Food and Energy Security in Indonesia (Room 4.63) Yandra Arkeman
03/06/2015 On the Impact of Local Search Operators and Variable Neighbourhood Search for the Generalized Travelling Salesperson Problem Mojgan Pourhassan
20/05/2015 Optimization of Multi-Commodities Consumer Supply Chains Part II: Simulation Modeling Zeinab Hajiabolhasani
13/05/2015 Expected Fitness Gains of Randomized Search Heuristics for the Traveling Salesperson Problem Samadhi Nallaperuma
06/05/2015 On the Runtime of Randomized Local Search and Simple Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Makespan Scheduling (Room 4.63) Frank Neumann
08/04/2015 Runtime Analysis of Evolutionary Diversity Optimization and the Vertex Cover Problem Wanru Gao
01/04/2015 On Evolutionary Approaches to Wind Turbine Placement with Geo-Constraints (Room 4.63) Markus Wagner
25/03/2015 Improving Test Coverage of Formal Verification Systems via Beam Search (Room 4.63) Mahmoud Bokhari
18/03/2015 Approximate Approaches to the Traveling Thief Problem Hayden Faulkner
11/03/2015 Maintaining 2-Approximations for the Dynamic Vertex Cover Problem Using Evolutionary Algorithms Mojgan Pourhassan
04/03/2015 A Feature-Based Analysis on the Impact of Set of Constraints in Constrained Optimisation Problems Shayan Poursoltan

The following are the talks that have previously taken place in 2014:
Date Title Presenter
17/12/2014 School of CS Christmas Party (3pm) -
26/11/2014 A discussion of energy management algorithms that minimise battery cycling and fuel consumption in mild-hybrid electric vehicles Manuel Salazar
19/11/2014 Packing While Traveling: Mixed Integer Programming for a Class of Nonlinear Knapsack Problems Sergey Polyakovskiy
12/11/2014 A Feature-Based Analysis on the Impact of a group of Constraints for e-Constrained Differential Evolution Shayan Poursoltan
05/11/2014 Population Diversity Maximization for Vertex Cover Problems Wanru (Kelly) Gao
29/10/2014 Maintaining a 2-Approximation Solution for Dynamic Vertex Cover Problem by means of Evolutionary Algorithms Mojgan Pourhassan
29/10/2014 An Introduction to Smoothed Analysis Mojgan Pourhassan
10/10/2014 Understanding strengths and weaknesses of optimization algorithms with new visualization tools and methodologies (Location and time: Napier 102 at 15:10) Kate Smith-Miles
24/09/2014 Parameter Prediction based on Features of Evolved Instances for Ant Colony Optimization and the Traveling Salesperson Problem Samadhi Nallaperuma
10/09/2014 Particle swarm optimization: theoretical analysis, modifications, and applications to constrained optimization problems Mohammad Reza Bonyadi
03/09/2014 Increasing VCG Revenue by Decreasing the Quality of Items Mingyu Guo
27/08/2014 Optimisation of Water Distribution
Testing a Verification System
Supply chain design in the wine industry
Jingwei Liu
Mahmoud Bokhari
Mohsen Varsei (UniSA)
20/08/2014 Boosting Search for Recursive Functions Using Partial Call-Trees
Maximizing Submodular Functions under Matroid Constraints by Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms
Brad Alexander
Frank Neumann
13/08/2014 User preferences for Approximation-Guided Multi-Objective Evolution Anh Quang Nguyen
19/03/2014 EVOR: An Online Evolutionary Algorithm for Car Racing Games Samadhi Nethmini Nallaperuma
03/03/2014 Control of Condorcet Voting: Complexity and a Relation-Algebraic Approach Rudolf Berghammer
26/02/2014 Parameterized complexity analysis of the (1+1) EA for the Generalized Traveling Salesperson problem Mojgan Pourhassan

The following are the talks that have previously taken place in 2013:
Date Title Presenter
18/12/2013 Probabilistic Graphical Models: principles and methods Qinfeng Shi
20/11/2013 Defining the Computational Capabilities of a Developmental Model Pauline Haddow
06/11/2013 Revenue Maximization via Hiding Item Attributes Mingyu Guo
16/10/2013 When Bin Packing Meets Scheduling Sergey Polyakovskiy
09/10/2013 Analysis of e-constrained differential evolution with an archive and gradient-based mutation algorithm Shayan Poursoltan
11/09/2013 Locating potentially disjoint feasible regions of a search space with a particle swarm optimizer Mohammad Reza Bonyadi
27/08/2013 Multiplicative Approximations, Optimal Hypervolume Distributions, and the Choice of the Reference Point Frank Neumann
20/08/2013 CRAB lab: Bio-inspired Technology and Techniques Pauline Haddow
14/08/2013 Note on diversity in evolutionary algorithms + discussion on MIC interesting papers Kewen Liao and Markus Wagner
07/08/2013 Simulated Car Racing Mohammad Reza Bonyadi and Samadhi Nallaperuma
31/07/2013 Experiences from GECCO 2013 Free discussion
19/06/2013 Population size matters: rigorous runtime results for maximizing the hypervolume indicator Anh Nguyen
12/06/2013 Parameterized Complexity Analysis and More Effective Evolutionary Algorithms for Euclidean TSP Samadhi Nallaperuma
05/06/2013 A fast approximation-guided evolutionary multi-objective algorithm Markus Wagner
29/05/2013 Fast and effective multi-objective optimisation of wind turbine placement Raymond Tran
22/05/2013 Ruggedness Quantifying for Constrained Continues Fitness Landscapes (Shayan) Amirshayan Poursoltanmohammadi
10/04/2013 Travelling thief problem: the first step in the transition from theoretical problems to realistic problems (Reza) Mohammad Reza Bonyadi
24/04/2013 History of SolveIT Software Zbigniew Michalewicz

The following are the talks that have previously taken place in 2012:
Date Title Presenter
24/10/2012 Finding the Best Algorithm for a given Constrained Optimisation Problem (Shayan) Amirshayan Poursoltanmohammadi
17/10/2012 Informal Introduction to Important Concepts in Financial Portfolio Management and Applications of Computational Intelligence Adam Ghandar
10/10/2012 A locally convergent rotation invariant particle swarm optimizer Mohammad Reza Bonyadi
03/10/2012 Constraint Satisfaction Problems and Multi-Objective Optimisation: first steps Markus Wagner
17/09/2012 Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimisation for Men’s Elite Level Track Cycling - A Real World Hierarchical Multiobjective Optimisation Problem Diora Jordan
11/09/2012 Features of Easy and Hard Instances for Approximation Algorithms and the Traveling Salesperson Problem Samadhi Nallaperuma
05/09/2012 Designing a Navigational Control System of an Autonomous Robot for Multi-requirements Planetary Navigation using Evolutionary Algorithms Approach Mohd Faisal Ibrahim
29/08/2012 Improved Computational Complexity Results for Weighted ORDER and MAJORITY Anh Nguyen
22/08/2012 Towards the Rigorous Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms on Random k-Satisfiability Formulas Andrew M. Sutton
08/08/2012 Computational Complexity Analysis of Muli-Objective Genetic Programming Frank Neumann
06/06/2012 Quo Vadis, Evolutionary Computation? On a Growing Gap between Theory and Practice Zbigniew Michalewicz
30/05/2012 Model checking with ACO techniques - verifying the Mobile IP protocol Charles Lakos
23/05/2012 Paths, Trees and Flowers Samadhi Nallaperuma
16/05/2012 Application of Evolutionary Methods to 3D Geoscience Modelling Brad Alexander
09/05/2012 Model Complexity and Performance in Algorithmic Trading Adam Ghandar
02/05/2012 Taming the Reservoir: Feedforward Training for Recurrent Neural Networks Oliver Obst
18/04/2012 A Parameterized Runtime Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms for MAX-2-SAT Jareth Day
28/03/2012 Parameterized Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Andrew Sutton
14/03/2012 Beginning of year meeting Chaired by Andrew Sutton
07/03/2012 Evolutionary Search at the Knowledge Level Andrew Tuson
16/02/2012 Creating Web Apps with Spreadsheet Formulas Eddy Parkinson
30/01/2012 Hyperheuristics to solve combinatorial optimisation problems. Tommaso Urli

The following are the talks that have previously taken place in 2011:
Date Title Presenter
02/11/2011 Discussion of current research N/A
19/10/2011 Determining the importance of data windowing in financial time series data Muneer Buckley
12/10/2011 Planning and optimization of a complex multinational supply chain – a real-life case study Behnam Fahimnia
14/09/2011 Evolving 3D Magnetotelluric Models using Blobs Brad Alexander
07/09/2011 Selecting an Optimiser: for a multinational supply chain - real world case study Eddy Parkinson
31/08/2011 Computational Complexity Analysis of Genetic Programming Frank Neumann
24/08/2011 Topological containment in graphs: New characterizations from computer search Rebecca Robinson
17/08/2011 Mutation Rates of the (1+1)-EA on Pseudo-Boolean Functions of Bounded Epistasis Andrew Sutton
10/08/2011 Fixed Parameter Evolutionary Algorithms Frank Neumann