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School Seminar Series 2019-2021

The School of Computer Science runs a series of related seminars throughout the year. All seminars will take place online via Zoom. The seminars are open to the general public, all are welcome. Note (*) video recording is available upon request.

Upcoming Events:
Date Title Presenter
01/10/2021 Rethinking Positional Encoding Dr Sameera Ramasinghe
17/09/2021 Regarding online polarisation and coordinated inauthentic behaviour (*) Mr Derek Weber
27/08/2021 Multi-objective Optimisation in Machine Learning (*) Dr Hadi Khorshidi
06/08/2021 Leaky Deltas: Exposing Data Updates in Natural Language Models (cancelled) Dr Olya Ohrimenko
02/07/2021 Evaluation of Big Data Systems in Edge and Cloud Environments (*) Dr Faheem Ullah‬
04/06/2021 Leaky Deltas: Exposing Data Updates in Natural Language Models (cancelled) Dr Olya Ohrimenko
07/05/2021 Exploring new frontiers in machine learning with physics (*) Dr Michele Sasdelli
16/04/2021 Effective Representation and Dissemination of Programming Knowledge Dr Christoph Treude
09/04/2021 Cenote: Discover COVID-19 & Beyond (*) Dr Thushari Atapattu
31/03/2021 Reasoning Machines and the Limits of Statistical Learning Dr Damien Teney
26/03/2021 Research of Chance-constrained Optimization Problem and the Real-world Application (*) Ms Yue Xie
19/02/2021 Rosita: Towards Automatic Elimination of Power-Analysis Leakage in Ciphers (*) Mr Madura Shelton
05/02/2021 Temporal localization of a natural language query in a video Dr Cristian Rodriguez Opazo

Past Seminars in 2020:
Date Title Presenter
04/12/2020 augmenting human-machine interface and human creativity (*) Dr Tim Chen
13/11/2020 Find yourself! World Scale Place Recognition for Autonomous Vehicles (*) Dr Yasir Latif
30/10/2020 Adversarial Attacks on Deep-learning Models in Natural Language Processing (*) Dr Wei Zhang
16/10/2020 Region Proposals for Saliency Map Refinement for Weakly-supervised Disease Localisation and Classification Mr Renato Hermoza
02/10/2020 Architecture-Centric Support for Integrating Security Tools in a Security Orchestration Platform (*) Ms Chadni Islam
18/09/2020 Brain imaging analysis and harmonisation challenges in clinical applications Prof Mark Jenkinson
04/09/2020 CSER K-12 Digital Technologies Education Research - Supporting teachers to improve access, equity, engagement in schools (*) Dr Rebecca Vivian
21/08/2020 Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection and Its Applications Dr Guansong Pang
07/08/2020 Engineering Privacy for Mobile Health Data Collection Systems in the Primary Care Dr Leonardo Iwaya
24/07/2020 ImageCLEF 2020 Medical VQA & VQG Challenge Particiation Experience Dr Zhibin Liao
17/07/2020 Visual Question Answering with Prior Class Semantics Ms Violetta Shevchenko
10/07/2020 REVERIE: Remote Embodied Visual Referring Expression in Real Indoor Dr Yuankai Qi
29/06/2020 How Trustworthy are the Existing Performance Evaluations for Low-Level Vision Tasks? Dr Hamid Rezatofighi
22/06/2020 Globally Optimal Contrast Maximisation for Event-based Motion Estimation Dr Alvaro Joaquin Parra Bustos
01/06/2020 FroDO: From Detections to 3D Objects Mr Kejie Li
25/05/2020 Counterfactual Vision and Language Learning Dr Ehsan Abbasnejad
18/05/2020 Resolving Marker Pose Ambiguity by Robust Rotation Averaging with Clique Constraints Ms Shin Fang Ch'ng
11/05/2020 Visual Odometry Revisited: What Should Be Learnt? Mr Huangying Zhan
13/03/2020 Disinformation via Social Media: Social Bots, Campaigns, and Computer Science Approaches to foster Resilience A/Prof Christian Grimme
28/01/2020 Dimensionality reduction in visual SLAM Dr Laurent Kneip

Past Seminars in 2019:
Date Title Presenter
28/11/2019 Some Works of Our Research Group in Artificial Intelligence of Things, Professor Li Zhijun
28/11/2019 Software code mining and security vulnerability identification A/Prof Wang Tiantian
22/11/2019 Internet Privacy "Whistleblowing" Dr Jason Xue
18/10/2019 Unsupervised Feature Adaptation for Image Retrieval via Diffusion Process Dr Lei Wang
01/10/2019 AI Behaviorism: A novel approach for unravelling the mystery of the mind using robots Prof Albert Yeap
27/09/2019 Geometric Optimisation in Computer Vision A/Prof Tat-Jun Chin
26/09/2019 Remeshing of Surfaces: applications and open problems Dr Nico Pietroni
13/09/2019 It's all nice, but can we trust the hardware? Dr Yuval Yarom 
16/08/2019 Empirical Research for understanding Human & Process Aspects in Software Engineering Dr Mansooreh Zahedi

For more information, please contact: rafael.felixalves@adelaide.edu.au, aneta.neumann@adelaide.edu.au