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OptLog Seminar Series 2022-2023

OptLog group runs a series of related seminars. All seminars will take place in person (ECMS IW 5.57) and online via Zoom on Wednesdays, 2-3 pm.

Upcoming Events:
Date Title Presenter
26/10/2022 Exploring the Vulnerability of Branch Prediction Unit Mr. Mingtian Tao
02/11/2022 Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for chance constrained optimisation Ms. Kokila Perera
09/11/2022 Optimisation in noisy environments: how non-trivial populations can help the EAs Mr. Denis Antipov
22/02/2023 Bio-inspired computing for problems with chance constraints Mr. Xiankun Yan
01/03/2023 Bio-inspired computing for problems with chance constraints Ms. Kokila Perera
01/03/2023 Relaxed forced choice improves performance of quality assessment methods (++) Prof. Dietmar Saupe
08/03/2023 Finding Graph Labelings with Evolutionary Search Dr. Andrew M. Sutton
22/03/2023 Self-adaptation via Multi-objectivisation: Multi-Objective Self-Adaptive Evolutionary Algorithm (MOSA-EA) Mr. Xiaoyu Qin
01/11/2023 Combinatorial Optimisation with Google OR-Tools Ms. Hewa Pathiranage and Ms. Kokila Perera
22/11/2023 Fighting High Dimensionality in Bayesian Optimization for Applications in Mechanical Design Ms. Maria Laura Santoni

For more information, please contact: zahra.ghasemi@adelaide.edu.au