PGM Group

Professor Javen Qinfeng Shi

Director, Probabilistic Graphical Model Group
Professor, School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, University of Adelaide
Director in Advanced Reasoning and Learning, Australian Institute for Machine Learning

Email: javen.shi at adelaide.edu.au
Tel: +61-8-8313-0324



I am leading a machine learning team developing efficient algorithms and systems that can evolve and learn from massive amounts of data in almost any domain, and be capable of reasoning and decision making with super-human performance.

Our systems are very effective at modelling complex relationships between variables. These might be the relationships between symptoms and diseases, or the relationships between a set of sensor inputs and the state of the system being modelled, or the relationships between cellular metabolic reactions and the genes that encode them, or the relationships between users in a social network about whom we wish to draw inferences.

More specifically, my current research projects involve


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Professor Javen Shi is the Founding Director of Probabilistic Graphical Model Group at the University of Adelaide, Director in Advanced Reasoning and Learning of Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), and the Chief Scientist of Smarter Regions. He is a leader in machine learning in both high-end AI research and also real world applications with high impacts.

He is recognised both locally and internationally for the impact of his work, through an impressive record of publishing in the highest ranked venue in the field of Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition (25 CVPR papers), through an impeccable record of ARC funding (including his DECRA, 2 DP as 1st CI, 4 LP and 1 LIEF as Co-CI). He has published over 100 peer reviewed papers, over 80% are at ERA [A/A*]. He has over 8200 Google Scholar citations with h-index 40. Google Scholar ranks him 6th globally in Probabilistic Graphical Models.

He has transferred his research to diverse industries including agriculture, mining, sport, manufacturing, bushfire, water utility, health and education. Recent awards include 1) 2nd place from a global mining competition OZ Minerals Explorer Challenge 2019 (over 1000 participants from 62 countries), 2) Golden prize (1st place) from Volkswagen in 2019 (digital factory powered by AI), 3) Finalist of SA Department of Energy and Mining's Gawler Challenge 2020 (over 2k participants from 100+ countries) with his team's work being considered as ''The most innovative modelling'' by the judge panel, and 4) the top winning team (in collaboration with USC and CSIRO) in AUS/NZ Bushfire Data Quest 2020 using AI to predict fire scar and spread that led to their winning $0.5M Citizen Science Grant in 2021.