This workshop is partially supported
by Australian Research Council,
discovery project DP140102794 &
ARC Future Fellowship (FT110100623).
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Submission Information

In order to attend this challenge, the participant need to register at ISBI 2014 conference.

Submission File

All files should be compressed into a ZIP file, which includes:

  1. Algorithm code (including a README file shows how to run the code);

  2. Training and testing results;

  3. Abstract of your method (maximum 2 pages) in ISBI format, which can be found on ISBI website.

  4. Additional training data you generated if applicable.

Submission Ways

  1. If the file size is less than 5MB, please send it to

  2. If the file size is larger than 5MB, please upload it to your Dropbox folder and send the download link to

Submission Deadline

  • March 30th, 2014