Monocular Rotational Odometry with Incremental Rotation Averaging and Loop Closure

To simplify the task of absolute orientation estimation, we formulate the monocular rotational odometry problem and devise a fast algorithm to accurately estimate camera orientations with 2D-2D feature matches alone. Underpinning our system is a new incremental rotation averaging method for fast and constant time iterative updating.

Visual SLAM: Why bundle adjust?

This paper presents L-infinity SLAM which solves camera orientations trough rotation averaging and estimates the camera positions and 3D points via a quasi-convex formulation that can be solved efficiently and globally optimally. This approach not only obviates the need to estimate and maintain the positions and 3D map at keyframe rate (which enables simpler SLAM systems), it is also more capable of handling slow motions or pure rotational motions.

Practical optimal registration of terrestrial LiDAR scan pairs

Point cloud registration is a fundamental problem in 3D scanning. In this paper, we address the frequent special case of registering terrestrial LiDAR scans (or, more generally, levelled point clouds). Many current solutions still rely on the …