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Advanced Programming Paradigms

Calendar Entry

The online calendar entry can be found at: Undergraduate Postgraduate


A selection of topics from the following: Fundamental models of computation, illustrated by the lambda calculus. Different approaches to programming: functional and logic paradigms. Fundamental concepts of programming languages, including abstraction, binding, parameter passing, scope, control abstractions. Programming models expressed via Scheme: substitution model; map/reduce programming; environment model; object oriented model; a compositional programming model. Examples in application: map/reduce programming in Google and with Hadoop; flow-oriented programming for composition of web-services. Cloud computing platforms and programming models.

Current Offering

This course will be offered again at Level 2 in 2017.

Details about the course can be found at the course web page for Semester 2, 2017. This can be accessed via MyUni from Monday 24th July. I will add a direct link here soon.