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COMP SCI 1106 Introduction to Software Engineering

Current Offerings

The course websites for all offerings of this course are available to currently enrolled students by logging into:

Why should I study Software Engineering

This course will cover basic concepts needed to develop complex software systems.

What will I learn?

The course will cover

  • Approches to design(Design based on function versus data)
  • Object-oriented Design (static models, dynamic models, requirements capture)
  • Software quality (Design by Contract, Software Inspection)
  • Human Aspects (Ethics and Professional Practice, Managing Object-Oriented projects)

Other topics include an overview of programming language principles, simple analysis of algorithms, basic searching and sorting techniques, and an introduction to software engineering issues.

What should I know before I enrol?

You are assumed to know object-oriented programming methodology. You should be able to design and develop solutions based on this paradigm.

What comes next?

Introduction to Software Engineering is a foundation course that provides core knowledge need for many other courses. A course that you should enrol is COMP SCI 3006 Software Engineering and Project.