The 6th International Symposium on Web and Mobile Information Services   

WAMIS 2010  

         In conjunction with the 24th IEEE AINA Conference

Welcome to WAMIS 2010

Advances in the Web and mobile technologies offer new and exciting services to users in various domains such as e-business, healthcare, entertainment, and scientific activities. Various organizations, academic institutions and industries are putting enormous efforts and resources in the research and development of the Web and mobile technologies through the development of new initiatives and technologies. For instance, W3C Mobile Web Initiative aims to provide mobile devices with access to the vast information available on the Web and to enable information services to be adapted to the needs of users and the characteristics of mobile devices.

With the advances in mobile technologies, Web also gets richer in its contents and usability. In addition to its widespread usability in the e-commerce, education, and media, it has established its roots in exchanging and sharing information in social communities. For example, user-generated contents in the social networks have transformed the Web into a new era or the Web2.0 - these contents comprise a wealth of information often involving multimedia data such as audio, video, pictures and blogs. Further, NTT DoCoMo i-Mode technology provides a cheaper access to the web contents such as stocks prices, news, email, and financial services.

These new developments however introduce many new challenging problems to researchers. One of the major issues is to deal with the resource scarcity in mobile environment. Though mobile devices and wireless networks are improving their resources, they are still far behind the wired networks and desktop PCs in terms of bandwidth, memory, processing speed and battery powers. Recent efforts such as W3C "Mobile Web Best Practices" propose ways for designing web contents by taking into account the characteristics of mobile devices and wireless networks. There are still various unresolved issues in the web and mobile services. For example, users want mobile devices to react to the changes in locations, context, contents and variation in network bandwidth while accessing Web contents.


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Important Dates

Paper Submission: Nov 15, 2009
Author Notification: Dec 15, 2009
Final Manuscript Due: Jan 31, 2010
Registration Due: Jan 31, 2010


Best papers will be considered in a forthcoming special issue of the World Wide Web Journal (Springer).

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