ASCII Sr. Computer Vision Scientist
Santa Clara
CA 95051
Email: trungp at
Phone +1 669 210 9309

About me

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I am a Sr. Computer Vision Scientist at NVIDIA, where I am working on visual perception algorithms for driverless cars. Prior to NVIDIA, I was a research fellow at the ARC Centre of Excellence of Robotic Vision. I was working with Prof. Ian Reid on semantic vision for robotic applications. I secured my PhD in Computer Vision in June 2014 from the University of Adelaide, under the supervisions of A. Prof. Tat-Jun Chin and Prof. David Suter. I was awarded a Google PhD Fellowship in 2012. Prior to this, I spent two years (from 2008 to 2010) at Chonnam National University (South Korea) for a Master Degree of Electronic and Computer Engineering.
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Research Interests

  • Computer vision: SLAM, SfM, 2D/3D scene segmentation, object detection, object tracking, robust geometric fitting.
  • Machine learning: Deep learning, Probabilistic graphical models, structured learning.
  • Optimization: Stochastic optimization (Monte Carlo Markov Chain methods), discrete combinatorial optimization.


  • July 2018: 2 papers accepted to ECCV 2018, 1 paper accepted to BMVC 2018.
  • June 2018: I am excited to join NVIDIA as a Senior Computer Vision Scientist
  • We are organising a Real-World Challenges and New Benchmarks for Deep Learning in Robotic Vision workshop, in conjunction with CVPR 2018.
  • I am going to give a tutorial about Semantic Mapping at Robotic Vision Summer School 2018 (RVSS).
  • 1 paper accepted to Journal: Methods in Ecology and Evolution
  • 3 papers accepted to ICRA 2018
  • Paper on “Bayesian Data Augmentation for Learning Deep Models” accepted to NIPS 2017.
  • I chair the Object Detection, Segementation, and Categorization Session at IROS 2017, Vancouver, September 24–28, 2017.
  • Our team (ACRV) won the Amazon Robotic Challenge 2017
  • Paper on Object Oriented Semantic Mapping accepted to IROS2017.
  • Paper accepted to CVPR2017.


Stats: PhD Thesis(1), TPAMI(1), TIP(1), CVPR(4), ICCV(1), NIPS(2), IROS(2), ICRA(4).


K. Li, T. Pham, H. Zhan, I. Reid
Efficient Dense Point Cloud Object Reconstruction using Deformation Vector Fields
ECCV 2018

T. Pham, V BG Kumar, T-T Do, G Carneiro, I Reid
Bayesian Instance Segmentation in Open Set World
ECCV 2018

T-T Do, T. Pham, M. Cai, I. Reid
LieNet: Real-time Monocular Object Instance 6D Pose Estimation
BMVC 2018 (Oral)

M Hosseinzadeh, Y Latif, T. Pham, N Suenderhauf, I Reid
Structure Aware SLAM using Quadrics and Planes
RSS-LAIR workshop, 2018

JC Hodgson et al. T. Pham et al.
Drones count wildlife more accurately and precisely than humans
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2018 PDF
T. T. Pham, TT Do, N. Snderhauf, I. Reid
SceneCut: Joint Geometric and Object Segmentation for Indoor Scenes
A Milan, T Pham et al.
Semantic segmentation from limited training data
D. Morrison et al. T. Pham et al.
Cartman: The low-cost Cartesian Manipulator that won the Amazon Robotics Challenge


T. Tran, T. T. Pham, G. Carneiro, L. Palmer, I. Reid
A Bayesian Data Augmentation Approach for Learning Deep Models
N. Snderhauf, T. T. Pham, Y. Latif, M. Milford, I. Reid
Meaningful Maps - Object-Oriented Semantic Mapping
Thanh-Toan Do, Dang-Khoa Le Tan, Trung T. Pham, Ngai-Man Cheung
Simultaneous Feature Aggregating and Hashing for Large-scale Image Search
J Leitner et al
The ACRV Picking Benchmark (APB): A Robotic Shelf Picking Benchmark to Foster Reproducible Research


T. T. Pham, M. Eich, I. Reid and G. Wyeth
Geometrically Consistent Plane Extraction for Dense Indoor 3D Maps Segmentation
IROS 2016 PDF Code
T. T. Pham, H. Rezatofighi, T-J Chin, I. Reid
Efficient Point Process Inference for Large-scale Object Detection


T. T. Pham, I. Reid, S. Gould, Y. Latif
Hierarchical Higher-order Regression Forest Fields: An Application to 3D Indoor Scene Labelling
ICCV 2015 PDF Regression Tree Fields source code
A. Eriksson, T. T. Pham, T.-J. Chin and I. Reid
The k-support norm and convex envelopes of cardinality and rank
In Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2015.
PDF Poster Code


T. T. Pham
Robust Parameter Estimation in Computer Vision: Optimisation Methods and Applications
PhD thesis, School of Computer Science, The University of Adelaide, April, 2014.
T. T. Pham, T.-J. Chin, K. Schindler and D. Suter,
Interacting Geometric Priors for Robust Multi-Model Fitting
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (Accepted July 2014).
PDF supplementary Code
T. T. Pham, T.-J. Chin, J. Yu and D. Suter
The Random Cluster Model for Robust Geometric Fitting
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), accepted Dec 2013.
PDF supplementary Code Video


T. T. Pham, T.-J. Chin, J. Yu and D. Suter
The Random Cluster Model for Robust Geometric Fitting
In CVPR 2012, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
PDF Video Code


T. T. Pham, T.-J. Chin, J. Yu and D. Suter
Simultaneous Sampling and Multi-Structure Fitting with Adaptive Reversible Jump MCMC
In NIPS 2011, Granada, Spain.
PDF supplementary


  • Artificial Intelligent (AI)
    • Tutoring: Semester 1 2013.
  • Algorithm Design and Data Structure (ADDS),
    • Tutoring: Semester 2 2012, Semester 1 2012.
    • Practical Supervising: Semester 1 2012.
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    • Practical Supervising: Semester 1 2012, Semester 2 2011.
  • Introduction Programming (IPe)
    • Practical Supervising: Semester 1 2011.