Simulated Car Racing Championship 2015

This long standing championship awards the enthusiasts of AI games, autonomous vehicles and car racing. In a nutshell this is all about applying/comparing/creating various computational intelligence approaches to design the best autonomous car controllers and having fun through a car racing game. The competitors are asked to design a controller for a racing car that will compete on a set of unknown tracks first alone (against the clock) and then against other drivers. The controllers perceive the racing environment through a number of sensors that describe the relevant features of the car surroundings (e.g., the track limits, the position of near-by obstacles), of the car state (the fuel level, the engine RPMs, the current gear, etc.), and the current game state (lap time, number of lap, etc.). The controller can perform the typical driving actions (clutch, changing gear, accelerate, break, steering the wheel, etc.)


SCR Championship 2015 is jointly orgainized by the researchers from the University of Adelaide and the Politecnico de Milano