Useful info for new students (mostly only relevant to the School of Computer Science)


Need to locate a building?
Please check out Campus Map. There is also a helpful website/app called "Lost on Campus".
Need course materials for your registered courses?
All our courses are hosted on Canvas. Some courses are not visible until around the first lecture.
Need to find out the schedule of your courses?
All course schedules are listed here: A course often involves different components: lectures, tutorials, practicals, SGDE, etc. A good idea is to try different courses in the first 1-2 weeks to figure out what you really want to register.
What is the overall semester schedule?
Here is the University Calendar. For international students who are not familiar with Australian holidays, holidays marked on the calendar are the days without classes.
What are the prerequisites for a course? What is this course about? What do I need to do to pass this course?
Please check out the Course Outlines.
How do I submit assignments?
Many (non-coding) assignments are collected directly on the course page on Canvas. Most coding assignments are collected via a system called Websubmission. This system requires that you first commit your code to a SVN repository before submission. The course lecturers and usually the CS student club will offer guidance in the first week for new students.
What kind of computing resources are provided?
You are welcome to use the computing rooms in Ingkarni Wardli (basement, second floor, when no classes are in session). Most computers have both Windows and Linux. Your a1xxxxxx id comes with very limited storage space on the university "cloud". One way to remotely access the university computing resources is via Adapt. There is also a university-managed linux cloud that you can access via ssh. The way to access is via "ssh". On windows, you may use putty or the Ubuntu app. This server is very similar to, but not exactly the same as the websubmission server. What I mean is that the compiler versions may be different. By the way, you are highly recommended to switch to Linux. A lot of coding assignments across different courses rely on g++, ssh, svn, etc. It'd be major headache if you stick to Windows. It is a good idea to switch now instead of waiting (chances are that you need to switch anyway). If you don't know which linux distribution to choose, then use Mint linux or Ubuntu (they are the most beginner friendly).

Course advices

You should first of all read two documents:
Example study plans or official program rules. The example study plans are examples, which means that you don't have to follow it exactly. There is some room for minor changes (e.g., the plan may say you should take X before Y, but if X is not a prerequisite of Y, then it is fine to take Y before X.) However, it is often a good idea to stick to this study plan, because not all courses are offered in both semesters, and some courses are prerequisites of the others, so coming up with a valid new plan is often difficult. To check a course's prerequisites, please check the Course Outlines.
If you enrolled in the last several years, and the study plan changed...
You should either stick to the old plan, or change to the new plan. You cannot use a mixture of both.
If you are graduating within a year and want to 100% make sure your course selection is good enough for graduation...
you can try the Degree check form. Warning: The response is very slow. You are not garanteed to receive a response. I recommend that you read the study plans instead of using this form. It takes weeks to receive a response, but it takes like 15 minutes to read the study plan.
If you have timetable clash...
Apply via timetable clash form. I cannot help you resolve timetable clash. Please contact AskECMS.
If you want to register for more than 15 units in a semester...
Apply via unit overload form.
If the course you wish to register is full...
Apply via course full form. I cannot add you to a course that is already full. Please contact AskECMS.
Who are the course advisors?
For undergraduate course advises, please contact Ian Edwin Knight and Jason Xue For postgraduate course advices, please contact me.
If you would like to talk to me (Mingyu) regarding course advice...
Unless you strongly prefer face-to-face meeting, please email me your questions, or email me your phone number and when it is convenient for you to talk. I prefer emails and phone calls. You are also welcome to add me on wechat (my id is mingyuguo followed by wx, all lower case).
If you would like to modify your study plan (i.e., take a course not on your study plan)...
Please contact the relevant course advisor. We approve it if and only if 1) your research supervisor is requesting it on your behalf (for example, the project requires a specific course); 2) you cannot graduate on time if we do not change the plan. If neither is the case, then the answer is no. To apply for changes of courses, please fill in this form Permission to Present", and then send it to the relevant course advisor for signature. Please include your reasoning in the email.
If you would like to get waiver for a prerequisite...
Please use this form prerequisite waiver.
I am about to start a research project (e.g., Master of Computer Science project; Advanced Topics in Computer Science)..
You need to find a research supervisor. Here is a list of available projects. Write to your interested supervisor (even if he/she is not in the list) and introduce yourself (as early as possible, before your favourite supervisor commits to another student). If you are taking the MCI project, then you don't need to do this. You will be given a project.
Which courses are online? What are the arrangements for online assignments/exams? Do I have to be in Australia?
1) Ask the course coordinator, or ask AskECMS. Generally, if you see "online workshops" in the timetable, then the course is most likely online -- but please double-check with AskEMCS/course coordinator; 2) Comes down to specific courses. Details will be announced in week 1; 3) The school doesn't have any policy that requires you stay in Adelaide if all your courses are online.
Email if you have suggestions on improving this document.

Google "Mingyu Guo welcome", or scan the following QR code