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Academic Staff

  1. A/Prof Dave Munro

  2. Dr Henry Detmold

  3. Dr Katrina Falkner

Research Students

  1. Yuval Yarom  (PhD Student)
    Travis Olds (PhD Student)
    Stanislava Ovtcharova (PhD Student)
    Peter Nguyen (PhD Student)
    Ekim Kocadag (PhD Student)

  2. Raymond Rebbeck(Honours Student)


  1. St Andrews Systems Engineering Research Group

  2. Australian Centre for Visual Technologies


  1. William Brodie-Tyrrell, Surf: An Abstract Model of Distributed Garbage Collection, PhD, 2008.

  2. Matt Lowry, A New Approach to the Train Algorithm for Distributed Garbage Collection, PhD, 2004.

  3. Huaizhou Sun, “Design and Implementation of a Peer-to-Peer Object System”, Masters of Computer Science Thesis, 2005.

  4. Wenzhuo Wang, “An Efficient Object Store to Support the WebStore Project”, Masters of Computer Science Thesis, 2005.

  5. Stanislava Ovtcharova, “A Reflective Approach to Dynamic Meta-Data Generation for the Semantic Web”, Masters of Computer Science Thesis, 2004.

  6. Debzani Deb, “A Study of Consistency Protocols for Software-based Distributed Shared Memory Systems”, Masters of Computer Science Thesis, 2001.

  7. Andrew McIver, “Pointer Tracking in the DMOS Garbage Collector”, Masters of Computer Science Thesis, 2000.

  8. Ekim Kocadag, “Flexible Application Support Services”, Honours Thesis, 2006.

  9. Amelia Jones, “Implementing the Doomsday Distributed Termination Detection Protocol”, Honours Thesis, 2006.

  10. Peter Nguyen, “Dynamic Software Evolution in the Jikes Research Virtual Machine”, Honours Thesis 2005.

  11. Alicia Zakarevicius, “Compliant Resource Scheduling”, Honours Thesis, 2004. Computer Science Honours Prize.

  12. Joshua Fox, “Hyper-programming Web Application Development”, Honours Thesis, 2003.

  13. Adrian Gasparini, “An Exploration of Algorithms Used in Message Routing and Node Addressing in Peer-to-Peer Networks”, Honours Thesis, 2003.

  14. Daniel Graham, “Adaptive Paging”, Honours Thesis, 2001.

  15. Maja Grubor, “Serving the Web with Integrity”, Honours Thesis, 2001.

  16. Diana Howard, “Distribution in a Compliant Language”, Honours Thesis, 2001. Computer Science Honours Prize.

  17. Alex Mason, “Age-based Garbage Collection in ProcessBase”, Honours Thesis, 2001.

  18. Travis Olds, “Load Balancing in Time-Warp Distribution Simulations”, Honours Thesis, 2000.

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