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Here is a list of possible PhD projects I am interested in supervising, contact me at if you are interested.

Privacy-Preserving Computing

Study effective methods and techniques for privacy protection for different types of data and for performing computation and data mining tasks on sensitive-information protected data. Recent focuses include privacy protection for location and SMS data in mobile systems and for big data in cloud environment, privacy-preserving classification and clustering.

Network Security

Study effective models, methods and techniques for network intrusion detection, security hole diescuvery, and secure network management. Recent focuses include injecting noise through wavelet transform to protect sensitive information and detecting anomalies through deep learning to discover intrusions and security holes at an early state so that proventive means against attacks may be adopted.

Secure Data Sharing in Social Networks

Study effective methods and techniques for secure data publishing, accessing/searching and propagation in social networks. Recent focuses include social network structural information protection, secure searching, information propagation, and secure recommendation system design.

Survivable Network Design

Study effective methods and techniques for design and analysis of survivable network architectures and communication protocols. Recent focuses include approximation algorithms for computing Steiner networks and for disjoint path routing.

Network Optimization

Study effective methods and techniques for various network optimization problems on allocation and scheduling that are of application importance. Recent focuses are on optimal/approximation schemes for min-movement barrier-coverage under the deployment of mobile sensors and for max-delivery data broadcasting in multi-channel MIMO broadcast network.

Data Center Networks and Cloud Computing

Study effective models and methods for server interconnection and task scheduling in high performance data center networks and for resource allocation in cloud computing environments. Recent foucses include green-energy constrained cost minimisation for multi-source power supply, resource allocation for batch jobs and VM placement in cloud systems.

Web Technology

Study effective methods and techniques for Web caching, scalable Web server design, proxy/cache placement and replacement. Recent focuses include development of optimal methods for en-route Web caching in tree networks and multimedia objects placement for transparent data replication.

Optical Computing

Study efficient architectures and algorithms for optical computing. Recent focuses include fault-tolerant routing in optical WDM networks and efficient realization of parallel computations in optical architectures.

Network Topology Discovery and Performance Evaluation

Study effective methods and techniques for network traffic analysis and performance evaluation. Recent focuses include topology discovery and performance analysis in multicast networks and wireless networks.

Mobile Agents Deployment in e-applications

Study new methods and techniques for analyzing statistical behaviors of mobile agents, monitoring agent's performance and controlling agent's activities, to improve the performance of agent-deployed e-applications.

Parallel Algorithms

Study efficient parallel algorithms for problems ranging from combinatorial and graph-theoretic to data-intensive applications. Recent was done for combinatorial problems on partially ordered data sets and critical sections in networks.

Interconnection Networks

Study interconnection network topologies of high performance in terms of hardware (wiring), software (routing) and maintenance (scalability) costs, and techniques for efficient switching among network elements. Recent work was done in design and analysis of high performance multi-stage interconnections.

Parallel Databases Query Evaluation and Data Mining

Study efficient techniques and methods for efficient databases query evaluation and data mining in parallel and distributed environments, with the focuses on multple join operations and discovery of association patterns in large databases.

Network Routing

Study efficient methods and techniques for routing in high-speed networks and time-embedded systems with the focus on group communication including multicast in multiple multicast.

Data hiding, multimedia coding and transmission

Study effective methods and techniques for embedding high-capacity data imperceptiblly in a host media (audio, image and video etc) in a robust and secure manner, for error-resilient coding and transmission of multimedia applications in noisy and time-varying network environments.

Wireless Communication

Study efficient methods and techniques for wireless communication and networking. Recent focuses include: Design orthogonal and quasi-orthogonal space-time block codes with high rates and low delays; Develop efficient, robust and secure routing protocols for WSN and MANET.