Anton van den Hengel Professor, School of Computer Science, The University of Adelaide

2013, August-

Many sectors are facing great opportunities and challenges from an increasing deluge of data; resources, health and manufacturing to name a few. Australia's Defence and National Security sector however, faces the most imminent and complex Big Data challenges. The Defence and National Security community is often faced with a daunting challenge: to seek the proverbial needle in the haystack. They attempt to find connections in vast, disparate volumes of data that are imperceptible to humans, but which can be discovered with smart analytics and machine enablement. This challenge is made greater by the wide variety of data sources, and the ever increasing size and scale of the data that is being collected by Defence and National Security agencies.

The D2D CRC will bring together world-class capabilities and establish a research collaboration framework across academia, industry and Government to collectively tackle Defence and National Security Big Data challenges and grow Australia’s broader capacity for data innovation..

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