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COMP SCI 1008 Computer Science IA


An introduction to programming and foundational aspects of Computer Science.

Level: 1
Credit: 3 units
Assumed Knowledge: SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Studies

Course Offerings

North Tce, Adelaide
  • 2010 Semester 2
  • 2010 Semester 1
  • 2009 Semester 2
  • 2009 Semester 1
  • 2008 Semester 2
  • 2008 Semester 1
  • 2007 Semester 2
  • 2007 Semester 1
  • 2006 Semester 2
  • 2006 Semester 1
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    Objectives and Graduate Attributes

    The objectives of this course are:

    • to introduce students to programming concepts in an object-oriented language,
    • to develop problem-solving skills in the context of software development, and
    • to develop skills in using technology, and the use of software in solving and studying practical problems.

    Within the Bachelor of Computer Science and the Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) programmes, the graduate attributes that will be developed in this course are:

    • Are able to apply knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals, including programming, computer and data structures and computer networks.
    • Are able to design complex systems involving both hardware, software and networks, using software engineering techniques.
    • Have an appreciation of current technologies.
    • Are able, by self directed study, to remain up to date with developments in their careers/professions.
    • Are innovative and creative, adaptable and are able to guide developments in their careers/professions. Are educated in a broad sense, are well informed and can take their place as leaders in the community.

    Within the Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) programme, the gradute attributes that will be developed in this course are:

    • An advanced level of knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of Electrical and Electronic, Computer Systems or Telecommunications Engineering and the fundamentals of science and mathematics that underpin these disciplines.
    • A commitment to maintain an advanced level of knowledge throughout a lifetime of engineering practice and the skills to do so.
    • The ability to apply knowledge in a systematic and creative fashion to the solution of practical problems.
    • An ability to identify, formalise, model and analyse problems.
    • The capacity to design, optimise, model and analyse problems.
    • Personal attributes including: perserverance in the face of difficulties; initiative and resourcefulness in seeking solutions; and a capacity for critical thought.
    • Skills in the use of advanced technology, including an ability to build software to study and solve a range of problems.