Artificial Intelligence

July 2018 - Harbin (HIT)

This course is/was run for a selected group of Harbin students over July 10-19 2018

LaoShi (Teachers)


Artifical Intelligence: A Modern Approach (we may abbreviate it as AIMA) is reasonably essential reading. You can find details here. The lectures may sometimes stray beyond the contents of this book.


Note: a course delivery is a living thing - it adapts to the environment and circumstance. Hence anything published here is only approximate. The schedule (see lectures below) may evolve.


Two assignments ("pen and paper") and one programming assignment (with report). Email your submission to Qince Li ( NOTE A hard copy must also be submitted to Qince Li ( at Xinjishu Lou 901)



The lecture slides will be posted here - sometimes in advance, sometimes in arrears.

Homework - work outside of class

Each institution has policies relating to how much work is expected of a students, in total. This expectation includes that students will follow up lectures by reading the associated texts, by reviewing the notes etc. It also includes the expectation that in addition to work that is directly related to lectures, assginments, and labs in terms of formal contact, that students devote a considerable amount of time to completing assignments.

We have scheduled approx. 16hrs of lectures. It would not be unreasonable to expect that students spend at least two times that quantity in outside work. Of course the amount of time a student must devote depends on their efficiency, their preparation, and on their abilities. Something close to 50-60hrs in total. Yes it will be a busy two weeks!

First Task!

Your first assignment will be done in Python. Thus, after the first lecture on Tuesday (no scheduled lecture on Wednesday) you have a couple of days to take a crash course in python. See here