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Keynote speech: Research Challenges in designing Complex Autonomic Service-oriented Systems
By Prof. Schahram Dustdar, Director of Vita Lab, Vienna University of Technology

Today, we witness the forces of multi-dimensional globalization in the domains of business, technology, and organizational (team) forms. The interdependence of computing devices, their underlying information systems, as well as processes involving humans and software services become more complex, thus requiring business processes and software services to attain higher degrees of autonomic, context-aware, and self-adaptive behavior. In this talk I will discuss the main research challenges for this class of problems as well as present our current state in building the required novel conceptual abstractions as well as needed technological implementations and validations.

Schahram Dustdar is a Full Professor of Computer Science with a focus on Internet Technologies heading the Distributed Systems Group, Institute of Information Systems, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) where he is director of the Vita Lab. He is Chair of the IFIP Working Group 6.4 on Internet Applications Engineering and a founding member of the Scientific Academy of Service Technology.

Accepted Papers:

1. A New Aggregation Policy for RSS Services [PDF]
Young Geun Han, Sang Ho Lee and Jae Hwi Kim

2.  Using Context to Enable Semantic Mediation in Web Service Communities [PDF]
Michael Mrissa, Philippe Thiran, Chirine Ghedira, Djamal Benslimane and
Zakaria Maamar

3. Speeding Up Web Service Composition with Volatile External Information [PDF]
John Harney and Prashant Doshi

4. Efficiently Finding Web Services using a Clustering Semantic Approach [PDF]
Jiangang Ma, Yanchun Zhang, and Jing He

5. Enabling Context-aware Semantic Web Service Discovery through Conceptual Situation Spaces [PDF]
Stefan Dietze, Alessio Gugliotta and John Domingue

6. Circular Context-Based Semantic Matching to Identify Web Service Composition [PDF]
Aviv Segev

7. Toward A Model of Service Interaction Enabler in Mobile Environment [PDF]
Eddie Leung, Maria Indrawan and Sea Ling

8. Composite Process Oriented Service Discovery with Preserving Business and Timed Relation [PDF]
Yu Dai, Lei Yang and Bin Zhang