The 2nd International Workshop on Cloud and Service Engineering (CSE)

Services play an important role in today's ever growing Web applications. Business organizations are globally focusing on exploiting Web and Cloud services to address their needs. Web services and service-oriented architecture are believed to be one of the most important enabling technologies for cloud services. Cloud services promise several benefits such as reduced expenses and support simplicity in providing flexible and on-demand infrastructures, platforms and software as services for consumers. However, due to the highly dynamic, distributed, and non-transparent nature of cloud services, the expected benefits are not fully met. The 2nd International Workshop on Cloud and Service Engineering (CSE 2014) aims to provide an international forum for researchers, developers, and practitioners from multiple disciplines to discuss their innovative ideas and share their knowledge of exploring trends in service engineering methodologies, enabling technologies and state-of-the-art. CSE 2014 seeks original contributions that solve open research problems in the area of service-oriented computing and cloud computing. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • XaaS Model, Design and Description (Everything as a service including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS)
  • XaaS Elasticity, Availability and Performance Modelling and Management
  • Service Engineering Development Processes and Methodologies
  • Model-driven Services Development
  • Costs and Pricing of Services
  • Service Multi-tenancy
  • Services for Big-data
  • Technology Standards for Services
  • Service Discovery, Orchestration, and Composition
  • Execution and Resource Allocation Services
  • Services Management and Configuration
  • Service Governance and Change Management
  • Service Customization (Personalization)
  • Monitoring, Matching, and Compliance (Service Level Agreements (SLAs))
  • Quality of Service and Metrics
  • Semantics for Service Engineering
  • Social Networks and Services (Socially-enhanced services)
  • Security, Privacy and Trust