Welcome to the Cloud Armor Project Website

The Project

Cloud Armor is a research project in the School of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematics Science, at The University of Adelaide. The project aims to develop a scalable, trust management framework in a cloud environment.


Cloud computing is a fast growing technological trend designed to allow users to access unlimited storage and computational power at their fingertips. Companies such as Amazon EC2, Dropbox and Microsoft provide such services, and more will emerge in the near future.

There is a high level of anticipations in cloud computing and its exciting potential in transforming the world we live in. Yet, cloud computing poses many kinds of obstacles. One danger of using a cloud service is its uncertainty of trustworthiness and security. Some malicious cloud services may attempt to infringe the confidentaility of user data for self-profit or may even send viruses to the unwary users.


Cloud Armor is designed to create a user-friendly cloud environment for cloud consumers(the users) as well as for cloud service providers. Cloud consumers can discover, add feedbacks and assess the trust of cloud services. On the other hand, cloud service providers can advertise their cloud services in Cloud Armor to be evaluated and utilized. We envisage the win-win benefits both parties stand to gain when they use Cloud Armor.