Adelaide Autumn School on Software Engineering

17/18 May 2018

National Wine Centre of Australia, Adelaide


The Adelaide Autumn School on Software Engineering will be an Australasian get-together of Software Engineering faculty, postdocs, and HDR students, following the Deakin Fall School on Software Engineering in 2017 and the Swinburne/NICTA Fall School of Software Engineering in 2015. We are organising a two-day event with talks from faculty and postdocs / senior PhD students as well as lots of time for discussion.

Sign Up

If you would like to attend, please complete this short sign-up form: This will allow us to plan the event. We will not charge any registration fees for the event and food during the day will be provided on both days.

Preliminary Schedule

Thursday, 17 May 2018 (Draft)

  • 10.00am Welcome (15 mins)
  • 10.15am Didar Zowghi (UTS): Research Directions in Software Requirements Elicitation: A socio-technical perspective (30 mins)
  • 10.45am Li Li (Monash): Mining Open Source Repositories for API Understanding (15 mins)
  • 11.00am Discussion (15 mins)
  • 11.15am Coffee break (15 mins)
  • 11.30am Leon Sterling (Swinburne): Emotional requirements for software engineering / Guidelines for SE courses for joint accreditations by EA and ACS (30 mins)
  • 12.00pm Muneera Bano (Swinburne): The good, the bad and the ugly" of User Involvement in Software Development (15 mins)
  • 12.15pm Discussion (15 mins)
  • 12.30pm Lunch (60 mins)
  •  1.30pm Patanamon Thongtanunam (Adelaide): Quality-impacting Modern Code Review Practices (30 mins)
  •  2.00pm Xin Xia (Monash): Mining Developer Interaction Data (15 mins)
  •  2.15pm Discussion (15 mins)
  •  2.30pm Coffee break (30 mins)
  •  3.00pm Waqar Hussain, Davoud Mougoui, Harsha Parera/Riffat Ara (Monash): Values-based Software Engineering - an Overview (30 mins)
  •  3.30pm Jon Whittle (Monash) / John Grundy (Monash): Making Australian SE Great Again (30 mins)
  •  4.00pm Open Fishbowl Panel on Making Australian SE Great Again (60 mins)
  •  5.00pm Close
  •  7.30pm Dinner at Parlamento

Friday, 18 May 2018 (Draft)