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Research Code

2015 Depth estimation from monocular images using deep CRF
2015 Mid-level pattern mining
2014 Pedestrian detection with spatially pooled features
2014 Fast supervised hashing with decision trees for high-dimensional data
2013 A general two-step approach to learning-based hashing
2013 Learning hash functions using column generation
2013 Contextual hypergraph modeling for salient object detection
2013 Characterness: An indicator of text in the wild
2013 Inductive hashing on manifolds
2013 A fast semidefinite approach to solving binary quadratic problems
2013 Incremental learning of 3D-DCT compact representations for robust visual tracking
2013 A scalable stage-wise approach to large-margin multi-class loss based boosting
2013 RandomBoost: Simplified multi-class boosting through randomization
2013 Part-based visual tracking with online latent structural learning
2012 Fast training of effective multi-class boosting using coordinate descent optimization
2012, 2009 Positive semidefinite metric learning with boosting
2010 Generalized kernel-based visual tracking

Other Code

BibTeX2x Converting a bibtex file into HTML, markdown, LaTeX, PDF etc.
markdown2web A simple solution to building lightweight websites
handy script Some handy scripts (bash, python, LaTeX etc.)