Chunhua Shen (沈春華)

I am a Professor of Computer Science at University of Adelaide, leading the Machine Learning Group.

I held an ARC Future Fellowship from 2012 to 2016. My research and teaching have been focusing on Statistical Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

These days my team spend most effort on Deep Learning. In particular, with tools from deep learning, my research contributes to understand the visual world around us by exploiting the large amounts of imaging data.

I received a PhD degree at University of Adelaide; then worked at the NICTA (National ICT Australia) computer vision program for about six years. From 2006 to 2011, I held an adjunct position at College of Engineering & Computer Science, Australian National University. I moved back to University of Adelaide in 2011.

Places having been affiliated with:



Recruiting PhD students


Supervision of PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers (Here is a list of former members)

Current PhD students, long-term visiting PhD students

Bohan Zhuang 2014 ↝
Hui Li 2014 ↝
Tong Shen 2015 ↝
Ming Cai 2016 ↝ Co-supervised with Ian Reid
Tong He 2017 ↝
Hao Chen 2017 ↝
Vladimir Nekrasov 2017 ↝ Co-supervised with Ian Reid
Wei Liu 2017 ↝ Visiting from Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Pingping Zhang 2017 ↝ 2018 Visiting from Dalian University of Technology
Xueling Chen 2017 ↝ 2018 Visiting from Northwestern Polytechnical University
Chenglu Zhu 2017 ↝ 2018 Visiting from Zhejiang University of Technology
Yasi Wang 2017 ↝ 2019 Visiting from Harbin Institute of Technology

Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Chao Ma 2016 ↝
Dr. Peng Wang (PhD UQ) 2016 ↝ Co-supervised with Anton van den Hengel
Dr. Qi Wu 2015 ↝ Co-supervised with Anton van den Hengel
Dr. Zifeng Wu 2015 ↝ Co-supervised with Anton van den Hengel


Address: School of Computer Science, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia
Office: Level 5, Ingkarni Wardli Building (formerly Innova21 Building), The University of Adelaide
+61 8 8303 4366
+61 8 8313 6745