31 January-2 February 2017, Melbourne, Australia
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Accepted Papers

3 Md. Shahriar Mahbub, Markus Wagner and Luigi Crema Multi-Objective Optimisation with Multiple Preferred Regions
4 Nasser R. Sabar and Aldeida Aleti An Adaptive Memetic Algorithm for the Architecture Optimisation Problem
5 Dror Cohen, Antonio Gomez, Dhananjay Thiruvady and Andreas Ernst Resource Constrained Job Scheduling with Parallel Constraint-based ACO
6 Yutao Qi, Haodong Guo and Xiaodong Li Extending the Delaunay Triangulation Based Density Measurement to Many-objective Optimization
7 Garrison Greenwood, Hussein Abbass and Eleni Petraki Emotion, Trustworthiness and Altruistic Punishment in a Tragedy of the Commons Social Dilemma
8 Garry Greenwood, Richard Tymerski and Devin Sills Equity Option Strategy Discovery and Optimization Using a Memetic Algorithm
10 Darwin Vickers, Jacob Soderlund and Alan Blair Co-Evolving Line Drawings with Hierarchical Evolution
11 Ayad Turky, Irene Moser and Aldeida Aleti An Iterated Local Search with Guided Perturbation for the Heterogeneous Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows and Three-Dimensional Loading Constraints
13 Yuan Sun, Michael Kirley and Saman Halgamuge A Memetic Cooperative Co-evolution Model for Large Scale Continuous Optimization
14 John Park, Yi Mei, Su Nguyen, Gang Chen and Mengjie Zhang Investigating the Generality of Genetic Programming based Hyper-heuristic Approach to Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling with Machine Breakdown
15 Sobia Saleem and Marcus Gallagher Exploratory Analysis of Clustering Problems Using a Comparison of Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution
15 Atiya Masood, Gang Chen, Yi Mei and Mengjie Zhang A PSO-based Reference Point Adaption Method for Genetic Programming Hyper-heuristic in Many-Objective Job Shop Scheduling
18 Martin Jakomin and Zoran Bosnić Reliability estimation of individual multi-target regression predictions
19 Benjamin Cowley and John Thornton Feedback Modulated Attention Within a Predictive Framework
20 Wenyin Gong Optimal power allocation of wireless sensor networks with multi-operator based constrained differential evolution
24 Erli Wang, Hanna Kurniawati and Dirk Kroese CEMAB: A Cross-Entropy-based Method for Large-Scale Multi-Armed Bandits
25 Ahsanul Habib, Hemant Kumar Singh and Tapabrata Ray A Batch Infill Strategy for Computationally Expensive Optimization Problems
27 Mahfouth Alghamdi and Haifeng Shen Automatic Clustering and Summarisation of Microblogs: A Multi-Subtopic Phrase Reinforcement Algorithm
29 Camilo Cruz, Justyna Karakiewicz and Michael Kirley Generation and exploration of architectural form using a composite Cellular Automata
33 Yuyu Liang, Mengjie Zhang and Will Browne Wrapper Feature Construction for Figure-ground Image Segmentation Using Genetic Programming
34 Francesco Fico, Francesco Urbino, Robert Carrese, Pier Marzocca and Xiaodong Li Surrogate-assisted Multi-swarm Particle Swarm Optimization of Morphing Airfoils
35 Xuhui Zhang, Kevin Korb, Ann Nicholson and Steven Mascaro Applying Dependency Patterns in Causal Discovery of Latent Variable Models
37 Mohammad Haqqani and Xiaodong Li An Evolutionary Multi-criteria Journey Planning Algorithm for Multimodal Transportation Networks
38 Mohammad Haqqani and Xiaodong Li Estimating Passenger Preferences Using Implicit Relevance Feedback for Personalized Journey
41 Muhammad Durrani and Jong-Myon Kim Quantitative Assessment of Heart’s Function: A Hybrid Mechanism for Left Ventricle’s Segmentation from Cine MRI Sequences
42 Manjurul Islam, Rashedul Islam and Jong-Myon Kim A Hybrid feature selection scheme based on local compactness and global separability for improving roller bearing diagnostic performance
43 Dileep Appana, Rashedul Islam and Jong-Myon Kim Reliable Fault Diagnosis of Bearings Using Distance and Density Similarity on an Enhanced k-NN
44 Bo Yuan and Tiantian Zhang Towards Solving TSPN with Arbitrary Neighborhoods: A Hybrid Solution
45 Abdelmonaem Abdallah, Daryl Essam and Ruhul Sarker Detectable Genetic Algorithms-based techniques for solving Dynamic Optimisation Problem with Unknown Active Variables
46 Boxiong Tan, Hai Huang, Hui Ma and Mengjie Zhang Binary PSO for Web Service Location-Allocation
47 Ayad Turky, Nasser R. Sabar and Andy Song Neighbourhood analysis: a case study on Google Machine Reassignment Problem
48 Anupam Trivedi, Dipti Srinivasan, Kunal Pal and Thomas Reindl A MOEA/D with Non-uniform Weight Vector Distribution Strategy for Solving the Unit Commitment Problem in Uncertain Environment
Important Dates
Final submission deadline (no further extension): 10 September 2016
Decision notification: 17 October 2016
Camera ready submission: 7 November 2016
Conference dates: 31 January-2 February 2017

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