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Zbigniew Michalewicz, Ph.D.
School of Computer Science E-mail: zbigniew.michalewicz@adelaide.edu.au
University of Adelaide
Adelaide, SA 5005
This page gives you additional information about myself (including my current resume) and my family: my artistic wife and artistic daughter-in-law, my enterprising son (and his recent book), some of my activities, e.g., my past and future talks, my role in creating Puzzle-Based Learning methodology, my relationship with Springer-Verlag, my role as a member of Optimisation and Logistics group in my School, my standing in the "complex network" of evolutionary computation authors and computer science researchers, my standing among researchers at the University of Adelaide, the places I have visited, books and some papers I have written...

From 2005 - 2013, I was the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of SolveIT Software, a supply chain optimisation business he grew from zero to almost 180 employees and $20 million in revenue before selling the business to Schneider Electric. SolveIT Software became the 3rd fastest-growing company in Australia in 2012, as ranked by Deloitte; the company won numerous awards, and counted among its customers some of the largest corporations in the world, including Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, and Xstrata. This was one of the best periods in my life.

However, a wise man keeps the best things to the very last. In July 2014 I co-founded a new Artificial Intelligence software company, Complexica, where I serve as the Chief Scientist. The company is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software that can help businesses sell more products and services, improve/protect margins, increase customer engagement, and make better/faster decisions.


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