The Fifth IDEA Workshop

Esplanade Hotel,
Western Australia 6160,
7 - 10 February 1998.


The Fifth IDEA Workshop was held in collaboration with the EU funded PASTEL project. The venue was the Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle in Western Australia.


Saturday, 7 February

Session 1 - Java

1:00-3:00pm Chair - Fred Brown (Adelaide University)

Afternoon Tea & Coffee

6:00-9:00pm Pool-side Barbeque

Sunday, 8 February

Session 2 - DISCWorld

9:00-11:00am Chair -Ken Hawick (Adelaide University)

Morning Tea & Coffee


Monday, 9 February

Session 3 - - Programming Languages I

9:00-11:00am Chair -Ron Morrison (St.Andrews University)

Morning Tea & Coffee

12:30-2:00pm Lunch: Atrium Garden Restaurant

Session 4 - Implementation and Performance

2:00-4:00pm Chair - John Rosenberg (Monash University)

Afternoon Tea & Coffee

Tuesday, 10 February

Session 5 - Programming Languages II

9:00-11:00am Chair -John Hurst (Monash University)

Morning Tea & Coffee

11:00-11:30am Rapporteurs
Workshop appraisal: Next steps for IDEA

Invited Participants