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COMP SCI 1102/1102BR Object-oriented Programming

Current Offerings

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Why should I study Object-oriented programming

Object-oriented programming is the dominant way that software is written today. A knowledge of Object-oriented principles is central to modern software design and implementation. If you want to be a programmer, this course is a must.

What will I learn?

The course begins with a brief review of control-structures and data-types, with emphasis on structured data types and array processing. It then moves on to introduce the object-oriented programming paradigm, focusing on the definition and use of classes along with the fundamentals of object-oriented design.

Other topics include an overview of programming language principles, simple analysis of algorithms, basic searching and sorting techniques, and an introduction to software engineering issues.

What should I know before I enrol?

You are assumed to know the building blocks of programs: constants, variables, types, conditionals, loops, functions and so on, and how to design and code solutions to simple problems. If you aren\'t already comfortable writing small programs, do not enrol in this course! Enrol in COMP SCI 1101 Introduction to Programming instead.

What comes next?

Object-oriented Programming is a foundation course that provides core knowledge need for many other courses. The two courses that you should enrol into next are: COMP SCI 1103 Algorithm Design & Data Structures and COMP SCI 2000 Computer Systems.