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Sample Projects from Honours Students

The aim of this project is to use (or adapt) currently available technologies to develop a system that can scan fossils and produce 3D models. However, this method must be simple, easily repeatable and relatively inexpensive (under $1000).
Modelling Fossils, Honours project 2013
The purpose of this project is to design and implement an on-drone distributed positioning system, taking into consideration computational and power constrains. It will require the design and implementation of a distributed calculation mechanism to allow drones in a pack to determine their position (and that of their neighbours).
Extending the Sensor Edge: Smart Drone Positioning System, Honours project 2013
For indoor localization, GPS is inadequate due to multi-path propagation and signal attenuation. A practical solution is using the Wi-Fi signals that ubiquitously blanket almost all working areas. This will perform Bayesian filtering to estimate location from signal strength measurements. WiFi Indoor Localization, Honours project 2013
This project is aimed at studying a new closed loop inference approach consisting of a feedback feedforward mechanism using deep belief networks (DBN). Experiments performed indicate our closed loop inference show promising improvements
compare to pure feed-forward DBN classifier.
Closed Loop Vision, Honours project 2013
This project aims to create and implement a trust management framework[2] to counteract the problem of trust in a dynamic cloud environment. We seek to explore feasible solutions on various trust issues of handling malicious attacks, trust management availability and feedback credibility. Trust as a Service: A Framework for Trust Management in Cloud Environments, Honours projects 2012
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