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cs4hs Adelaide  is a free professional development program run by the School of Computer Science to provide high school teachers with resources to help them teach computer science principles to their students in a fun and relevant way. The program consists of workshops and course module materials.

We can bring you this program for free because it is funded by  GOOGLE's  annual Educator PD grants that promote computer science education worldwide. Through annual grants, this program supports universities to provide professional development for local secondary and primary school teachers.

Upcoming professional development events  :

Past events:

  • Exploring  Input/Output and 2D Data  with Pixel Kit  (27th April 2018)
  • Programming Skills in Scratch and Python - 10th October 2017 
  • Visual Programming Workshop (Scratch) -   28th April 2017 
  • 3rd Workshop on Digital Technologies and Coding.  11-13 July 2016
  • 2nd Workshop on Digital Technologies for pre-service and school teachers at any level.  13-14 July, 2015 
  • Google Maps workshop for high school teachers.  13th April, 2015 
  • Workshop on Visual Programming for pre-service and school teachers at any level. 29th September 2014
  • Workshop on Digital Technologies for pre-service and primary school teachers.  7-8 July 2014.

All  online resources presented  in the workshops (and any other relevant materials for teaching CS) are collected and classified in relation to the new Digital Technologies curriculum  in our  Pinterest  site.

Our lending library offers a range of  resources two sets of makey-makeys, Lego NXT and Edison robots,  Intel Galileo boards, Scratch extension pcobards and Pixel Kit.  You can book one or more class kits  for half-term at no cost. Check list of resources here and book in advance to secure a slot.

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