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Student Representation

We are interested in your opinions and feedback to guide the development of new programs, courses and support services and improve our existing offerings.

Student Evaluations

We therefore will regularly ask you to complete Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) forms for your courses. The forms provide a way for you to let us know what you think of your courses, and suggest ways the courses can be improved.

Individual lecturers and tutors may also ask you to complete a SELT on teacher performance.

Summaries of previous course SELTs are available on individual course web sites, including responses prepared by the lecturers indicating any changes or suggestions made in response to the SELT feedback.

Student-Staff Consultative Committee

The school runs a Student-Staff Consultative Committee that provides a channel of communication between students and staff. The committee allows you to notify us of problems in areas, such as teaching, tutorial arrangements and lab support, and allows us to get student reaction to proposed teaching initiatives.

The committee generally meets twice a semester, and includes representatives from all year levels, undergraduate and postgraduate, and domestic and international students.

Requests for students to participate on the committee are made at the start of each year.

Feedback Sessions

In addition to the regular feedback provided by SELTs and the Student-Staff Consultative Committee, we occasionally hold feedback sessions where you are requested to provide feedback on a particular topic. Requests to participate in these feedback sessions are published via email prior to the feedback session.

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