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Useful People

You will meet and work with many staff members within the School of Computer Science during your study here. In particular, the following people will be able to help you in commencing your study.

The Contact Details for all Staff are provided on the School web site.

Administrative Staff

The School's administrative staff are not directly involved in teaching, but are able to help you with some aspects of your study in Computer Science. See them at the reception office if you want to do any of the following:

  • Make an appointment to see a school course advisor.
  • Lodge forms, such as change of program, that need approval of the School.
  • Need help or general advice but are unsure who to ask - the reception office will be able to point you in the right direction.

The school reception office is usually open 10am-4pm Monday-Friday.

School Course Advisors and Faculty Student Services

The faculty student services team on Level 1, Ingkarni Wardli, are available to advise you on any questions you have about
  • admission information
  • credit transfers
  • graduation information
  • program/degree advice
  • enrolment advice and assistance

See the Faculty's Current Students web site or drop in to Level 1, Ingkarni Wardli

School course advisors can assist you by providing discipline specific advice such as which electives could be most beneficial for your career aspirations or interests.

If you wish to make an appointment with a school course advisor, please contact the administrative staff at Computer Science reception.

Assessment Coordinator

The Assessment Coordinator coordinates assessment and examinations for each year level. The role of Assessment Coordinator includes the following:
  • Conducting the Orientation week lecture for each year level, including a general introduction to administrative issues for that year level.
  • Convening examiners meetings at the end of each teaching period. No examination results are released until an examiners meeting has considered all results for a particular level. All finalised results are available via Access Adelaide within a day of the examiners meeting. Supplementary examination offers will be available on Access Adelaide as soon as possible after they are made.
  • Organisation of exam script viewing

If you have seen your course coordinator and they are unable to answer your questions regarding assessment, you should then see the Assessment Coordinator.

Course Coordinators

All teaching and administrative issues related to an individual course are handled by the course coordinator for that course. This is usually one of the lecturers teaching the course. They are responsible for providing detailed information regarding the assessment and administration of their course in a course outline. The course outlines for all courses are available on the University's Course Outlines web site.

If you have any queries regarding the assessment of a course you must contact the course coordinator of that course. However, exam script viewing will be centrally organised by the School once all results are finalised.

Lecture class sizes, especially in first year courses, may be very large. Students are expected to listen carefully and take notes with little guidance from the lecturer in identifying what should be recorded. Learning to take good notes will be a new skill for many people. Lectures usually run for 50 minutes, though some last up to 2 hours. Attendance is not usually compulsory or monitored, so you may miss a lecture and no one will notice. However, you will have missed vital information and any handouts distributed at the lecture. If you are sick or have a genuine reason for missing a lecture, see your lecturer to catch up.


Tutors lead small discussion groups of students (tutorials). Students are usually required to attend a number of tutorials throughout a course. Tutorial assignments are often set and may involve a presentation to the group, a written exercise or participation in group discussion. Attendance at tutorials is usually recorded, especially where tutorial participation forms part of the course assessment.

Practical and Workshop Supervisors

You will be expected to complete practical assignments for most of your courses. Some courses will provide practical and/or workshop supervisors, who will be able to provide assistance with problems you may have with your assignment during set laboratory sessions. Your lecturer will provide you with information on any consulting or supervision support at the start of each course.

Students who want guidance with programming can seek help in the Computer Science Learning Centre, where experienced tutors will be able to answer your questions.

School of Computer Science

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