Yuval Yarom: A Higher Degree by Research Student

Yuval Yarom
Jacaranda Research Group
School of Computer Science
The University of Adelaide
Adelaide, SA, Australia


This page presents Yuval Yarom (YY)—a PhD student at the University of Adelaide. It provides some of YY's biographic background and describes his research.

While of secondary importance, the page also explores the suitability of the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for formatting text.


The main purpose of this page is to analyse Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students. The methodology is presenting and analysing a prime example of a real HDR student. Following the example set by Nobel laureate Barry Marshall[1], the author has volunteered to be the subject of this research.

YY is a PhD student at the University of Adelaide (UofA). His research topic is software isolation. The work is done within the Jacaranda Research Group which is one of the research groups in the School of Computer Science in UofA.

To the best knowledge of the author, this is the first published use of the by way of example methodology to the understanding of HDR students. This is also the first time YY is described in an objective, unbiased manner. These constitutes the major contributions of this page.

A secondary contribution is investigating the limitations of HTML and CSS for formatting textual information.

The rest of this page provides the necessary background to YY (section 2), describes YY research (section 3), discusses the suitability of HTML for formatting text (section 4) and makes a short comment regarding future work (section 5).


YY was introduced to computers in 1976 when computers were as big as refrigerators and just as fast. His first task was to land a spacecraft on the moon—a task he consistently failed. Due to this failure he avoided all space related projects since. Projects he has not participated in include the Ariane V rocket, the Mars Polar Lander, the Columbia and the Challenger space shuttles, the Beagle 2 Lander and Deep Impact.




At the moment YY is quite content with his current undertakings, and is not looking to take on further commitments. Future work will become a pertinent issue closer to the PhD candidature completion, which is expected to occur in 2013. Potential employers are advised to check this space closer to the expected completion date.


1.Marshall, B.J., J.A. Armstrong, D.B. McGechie, and R.J. Glancy, Attempt to fulfill Koch's postulates for pyloric Campylobacter, Medical Journal of Australia. April 1985; 142(8): 436–439