I am an Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science, The University of Adelaide. I am also a member of

Here is my CV, and here are some photos of me doing various things.


I actively conduct research in computer vision. Visit my research page for more information.

For several years, I have been working on robust geometric algorithms. See this book which gives a comprehensive account of my work (and the work of others) in this area: fp.jpg

I received the following awards for my work:

PhD opportunities
I am always interested to hear from prospective research students. Scholarships are available from time to time—contact me to enquire.

Which is computer vision?


  • Book on maximum consensus published (Feb 2017).
  • Paper accepted to CVPR 2017 (Feb 2017).
  • Two papers accepted to ICRA 2017 (Jan 2017).

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School of Computer Science, The University of Adelaide
North Terrace, SA 5005, Australia
Phone: +61 8 8313 6188
Email: Put @adelaide.edu.au behind tat-jun.chin