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What is Rosetta?

Rosetta is a language that allows the specification of functional requirements and constraints in multiple interacting domains at varying levels of abstraction. Rosetta has a formal semantic basis, but also provides modelling support for different design domains, employing specific semantics and syntax appropriate for each. Each of these domains provides a semantic and representational framework for presenting information particular to that domain. In addition, interactions are defined between these domains to allow for information stored in models in different domains to influence each other to enable overall design of a system specification.

It is expected that Rosetta will allow further design automation at the early stages of the design flow, where detection of design errors can significantly reduce cost of correction and time to market. The importance of system-level modelling is demonstrated by the industry support behind Rosetta.

More information on Rosetta can be found at www.sldl.org.

What is Adelaide's role in Rosetta?

We are invloved in developing Rosetta both as a language and as a tool for real-world system level design.

Updated 13 / 8 / 2001