Petri Net Browser

Select an example net or the empty browser from the table below. The Petri Net Applet will then load (~60k) and execute. Once the applet has started it will be cached, thus subsequent loads with other examples will be quicker.

This Applet currently supports the creation of Condition / Event and Place / Transition Petri nets.

  1. Fork/Join Petri Net. This Petri net demonstrates how concepts like concurrency and synchronisation can be modelled easily.
  2. Dining Philosophers Petri Net. This Petri net correctly models the classic dining philosophers problem.
  3. Mutual Exclusion Petri Net. This Petri net shows how mutual exclusion (where two processes can not be in the same state) is modelled.
  4. Empty Browser. Create and simulate your own Petri net.

Other Stuff

I have also written a Java 2 Mobile Edition (J2ME) version of the Petri Net Browser that runs on all portable devices that support J2ME version 2. In particular I have a PalmOS version that includes support for editing nets. It is available here.

Source code is available here for this applet is available here.

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Last updated 8th April, 2004 by Robert Esser