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Software Engineering Projects


Frequency graph for calls to the helpdesk

The Westpac technology division provides a world class IT environment to help Westpac subsidiaries achieve their goals. The Westpac Technical Helpdesk in Adelaide services Westpac and St. George locations throughout SA and Australia.

The Helpdesk processes a very large number of incidents every week. These incidents range from hardware to software to network issues. The frequency of incidents with a specific cause varies tremendously, but still some patterns can be identified. For example, incidents of type 'forgotten password' tend to be more frequent immediately after the New Year's holiday break. This project aims to predict incidents according to a variety of factors, and using past and current data. If the predicted number of incidents goes beyond a specified threshold, Helpdesk supervisors are notified. Similarly, if the current number of incidents is higher than expected, alarms are raised.

CFS Fire Model

fire project

Graphic from model of fire behaviour

The South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) serves communities throughout outer metropolitan, regional and rural South Australia. The CFS is represented in the community across South Australia, with around 13,500 volunteers organised in 425 brigades, responding to about 8,000 incidents per year.

When CFS volunteers respond to a reported fire, they need some idea of what to expect. They are briefed on the fire's location, but may not know the lay of the land or current weather and so may not be able to predict how the fire will behave or plan an appropriate approach. This project models the short-term spread of fire and outputs the predicted boundaries onto a map overlay. The firefighters use the maps to devise appropriate initial response strategies.




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